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Sales and Marketing Courses

“There is no complete manual for restoration marketing success.
The Road to Success is always under construction.
You need a long term relationship with a Success Contractor!”

We offer Customized Sales and Marketing Programs for different types of companies.

We can provide any and all companies help with our services:

Marketing for Restoration Companies
  • Training and Consulting
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Business Plans and Ideas
  • Marketing Plans and Techniques
  • Establishing New Markets / R & D
  • Advertising Strategies / All Medias
  • New Account Analysis / Development
  • Sales Training / Individual or Group
  • Personalized Workshops & Seminars
  • Ongoing Sales Training Programs
  • Telemarketing & Phone Sales
  • TV & Radio Commercials
  • Newspaper / Print Copy

Sample Website Design

Three of our most affordable programs:

  1. Fast Start Marketing Workshop – 2 Day Training Seminar for $729
    Better than group workshops or seminars, we give you 16 full hours of personalized one on one training. Learn about agents, adjusters, property managers, plumbers, and how to enhance your website.
  2. Web Site Assistance – as low as $1500 for a working website with complete Contents Management Software included
  3. Marketing Manager – $329 per month
    Contact with your salesperson twice a week to guide them and keep them focused. One hour per each contact including itineraries and call reports.

For more information contact Frankie at (916) 929-6966