Secret #1: Hiring

Hiring Your First Salesperson
Leads to Hiring Your First Sales Staff

The obvious reason that you hire a salesperson is to expand your business. When your business does expand you will soon find yourself needing a full time sales staff. Before you hire anyone, though, you must understand and practice the concept of Time Management. That means maximizing both your time and your employees. It’s a false economy to try and handle all the positions in your company by yourself.

I recently had a conversation with a prospective client in a large metropolitan area. His main concern was that a competitor of his had long been the vendor of choice for adjusters that he had spoken with. When I investigated the matter, I found that the reason for this other company’s successful expansion was that, over time, they had built an excellent sales staff. Believe it or not, they were actually in the process of hiring and training 4 additional salespeople at that time!

If your company sales are in the $400K to $2 million range you must know how to find, hire, and train good salespeople. Even if your goal is only to add another million dollars a year to your business, you still have to take action NOW! Understand this: If you want to create a real presence in your market and have a successful and profitable company, you must know how to use your most valuable assets….. Your salespeople. Outside salespeople building relationships in many different target markets is the best and the least expensive way to build your company.

You can spend money on advertising, but there are some well-respected people in the field of marketing that have come to the conclusion that advertising is just not working. There is just so much advertising out there that it renders itself virtually ineffective. People are anesthetized to it and don’t generally purchase goods and services based on what they see or hear in the media as much anymore.

1 to 100 salespeople or $1 million to $20 million dollars in annual business does not change the need to have a successful marketing plan that is presented in a manner so that anyone can implement it’s ideas, concepts, and insights. This is where the MasterMind Alliance Group comes in. We can hire, train, and even help maintain your sales staff as it grows.

Summary of Secret #1

Successful Restoration Companies understand the importance of using sales people to make sales calls.

NOTE: One of the best articles on the subject of “Hiring Your First Salesperson” was written by Mr. George Henzel, CBSE, in “Service Magazine” in September of 1994. It gives practical advice, and the Do’s and Don’ts when considering your first salesperson. We strongly recommend that you get a copy and read it for an in-depth look at this important subject. If you would like a free copy of this informative article, call, fax, or email us with your name and FAX number, and we will gladly send one to you!
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